Arctic Sightseeing – Midnight Sun – Endless days!

ArcticTrip has teamed up with the locals, people who live there all year, who know the island and its history by heart and are ready to show you around the 5km2 island, tell you the stories that have lived for centuries and answer all of your questions about the island and living so remotely.

They will inform you about the dangers that can be found at every footstep, how the raging sea and the elements at winter have formed such a special bond between people that they cannot imagine not living there.

The Summer days are glorious and make up for the harsh winter elements that people endure. The villagers are rewarded with endless days during summer months and invite you to enjoy with them. We will guide you around the island, bathed in the Glorious Midnight Sun, as it takes a dive in the sky and starts a new day.

Sightseeing highlights

We will show you all the most interesting places in Grímsey, a look at „down town“ Grímsey and show you where the puffins reside, and ofcourse we will walk over to the arctic.

Join Us!

localguide-pinJoin our exclusive Midnight Sun tour at 22:00 – All days from 1. June – 20. July.

The tour is approx. 2-2,5 hours fully guided by a local guide, includes an Arctic Circle Tripper certificate and a complimentary cup of coffee or tea at Krían restaurant.

Adult (16+): Midnight Sun Tour: 7.900 ISK
Child (7-15):Midnight Sun Tour: 4.500 ISK
Child (0-6): No charge


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