Puffin Selfie Day Tour

The Puffin is an adorable bird, in his black and white suit with his puppy-eyes. No wonder puffins have become an icon for travelers in Iceland.

  • Did you know that puffins were an important source of food for the islanders for decades?
  • Did you know that it’s still legal to hunt puffins and they are considered a delicacy? (sorry!)

In this sightseeing tour around the island, our local guide will catch a puffin for you which you can hold in your hand for a moment while you, we or your team take a picture of you two together. Please note that the birds are wild and really difficult to hold. You will get gloves for your protection. After those precious moments you will throw the bird in the air and set him free. Please be cautious both when handling the bird and in the area where they nest, there are many holes buried in the cliff side which makes the whole cliff vulnerable to collapsing! Never attempt to catch or hold a bird without a guide!

Available from 15. May to 10. August 2019. After 10. August the puffins start migrating for the winter season, there will be no puffins on the island during the cold winter months, between August and May.

– Ferry from departing from Dalvik at 9:00 and returning at 20:00
– Light refreshments on the island
– Maximum 10 persons per tour!

Duration: 2-2,5 hours

Price: 35.000 ISK (min 2 persons)
Children (6-16y): 17.500 ISK
Children (<6y): No charge

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