Transport – How to go to Grimsey?

We encourage everyone to go to Grímsey at least once during their lifetime since we believe it’s a one of a kind place. Grímsey island is located 40 km north of the coast of Iceland. All transport is through the towns of Akureyri and Dalvík.


The main transport to and from Grímsey is by the ferry Sæfari (The name translates as “mariner”) See this video on our facebook page, operated by Samskip. Sæfari departs from Dalvík (30min drive from Akureyri) harbor. The ferry ride takes about 3 hours and on the way you may see dolphins and big whales, such as Humpback whales and sometimes even Blue whales have been spotted.

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Arctic Trip offers activities during the ferry stop but we advise everyone, especially during summertime, to enjoy the midnight sun and stay with us overnight. The restaurant and guesthouse welcomes you!


If you prefer a shorter travel time you can book a domestic flight with Air Iceland, for example. There are scheduled flights every week from Akureyri airport to Grimsey and during the summer months there are daily departures to and from Grímsey. The flight duration is a mere 30 min where you will enjoy a magnificent scenery over Eyjafjordur bay!

Information on
Air Iceland: +354 570 3800 – Book here!

Norlandair – information & schedule
Book by phone: 
Norlandair: +354 414 6960

Grimsey Airport: +354 467 3148


Arctic Trip has experienced captains and boats and we are able to transport you to the mainland if other schedules are not suitable for you. Contact Us for price and availability.