Is there a swimming pool in Grímsey?

Yes, there is a small indoor swimming pool with a steambath.


Where can you buy food/goods in Grímsey

The restaurant Krían offers light meals from the menu, the dish of the day and local specialties. Krían is located down by the harbor with magnificent ocean view!
The supermarket has a selection of groceries.
The gallery in down-town Grimsey offers waffles and souvenirs.
Arctic Trip offers include-all tour packages with meals included.


Where can I stay in Grímsey

There are two guesthouses; Guesthouse Básar and Guesthouse Gullsól. Advance booking must be made in high-season.


When can I see the puffins?

The puffins will arrive in Grímsey in late April, they will find their hole and lay the eggs when they arrive so we recommend May-June-July to see them. They will be off with their offspring in the first week of August, so between early August and late April, there are NO PUFFINS in Grímsey.


Are there any whales around Grímsey?

Yes! The ferry trip to Grímsey will often make a nice whale watching tour and the dolphins, especially, like to race with the high speed boats. However if you want a special Whale Watching tour, please contact us and we will arrange it.


I have a rental car, should I bring it with me?

No, you don’t need a car in Grimsey. Bring good hiking shoes and a warm windproof jacket and you’re good. The ferry harbor in Dalvík and the airport in Akureyri both have a spacious parking lot with no charge.