Grímsey Summer Tour on the Arctic Circle


We are very excited to offer you the best of the Arctic part of Iceland in a day!

The Grimsey Summer Tour is a day tour when we will meet you in Grímsey right after you’ve exited the ferry Sæfari. The boat ride (book seperately) is an excitement in itself, very often dolphins, humpback whales and even blue whales are spotted and even swim with the boat. The climate can be different from what you can expect on the mainland. You’ll get to know the history of Grimsey village and its inhabitants, cross the Arctic Circle and if weather and conditions allow, see the Orbis et Globus monument that is placed on the island.

A day in the Arctic is a day to remember!

– A guided tour in Grímsey Island with a local guide
– Cross the Arctic Circle and get a unique certificate

At around 10. August the Puffins will migrate south (and the Arctic Terns in September) so there will be no puffins on the island. In September to May we will focus on the stories of the islanders and see how they prepare for and survive the harsh winter elements so far in the north.
Please bring:
Good shoes, a warm sweater, a hat/beanie, a camera, your good mood 🙂 !

Please contact us at for a larger group than 30 people.

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If you don’t see any availability on your selected dates, please check out our Grímsey Winter Tour

Book the ferry on the Samskip ferry website

Please note that the ferry is a seperate booking.
The ferry to Grímsey leaves from Dalvík at 9:00. You will arrive at the island at 12:00. The tour starts at 12:30 and lasts till 15:00. You’ll have time to look around on your own after the tour before the ferry departs at 16:00 or 17:00. The ferry then arrives in Dalvík again at 19:00 or 20:00 in the evening. There’s free all day parking in Dalvík harbor for your car.

Please note that the ferry does not sail on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and has a very short stop on Thursdays, so for those days you’ll have to arrange accommodation on the island (highly recommended!). Please let us know if you’ll arrive via plane on Tuesdays because the arrival is at 13:00, we will arrange the tour accordingly.