Arctic Gourmet Sea Angling

Sea Angling is a great sport for the whole family! The North Atlantic ocean around the island is a rich fishing ground where fishermen have sought for centuries, reaching way back since Iceland was first settled in 10th century.

Fishing has long been the main industry in Grímsey since it’s a relatively short distance from the rich fishing grounds.

We sail with an experienced local captain who will share his story and experience with fishing in the area from an early age. He will fillet your catch which you can take with you!

Tours are available in Grimsey Island daily from 15. May to 15. Sept 2019.

Each tour is a private tour, limited to 13 persons max.
Duration: 1,5-2 hours or depending on your preferences.

Included: Safety vest, fishing rods, your catch!
Please bring: Good warm clothes, it’s always colder out at sea. Bring gloves and a hat, a good sweater and a wind proof jacket. Good warm shoes are also a must, no open shoes or high heels. 🙂

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