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Grimsey Ferry Day Tour

Arctic Diving

Gourmet Sea Angling in the North Atlantic Ocean

Arctic Circle Express via Circle Air

Sightseeing with a Puffin Selfie

Arctic Snorkeling

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Arctic Sightseeing – Midnight Sun

Boat tour - sightseeing

Adventure under the Arctic Circle

Grímsey Island is an unforgettable place, so far away up north but yet so warm and inviting. It is a place like no other; a small green island that sits on the Arctic circle and hosts a magnificent arctic wildlife including the Puffins and the Arctic Tern. The Whales are very common around the island and abundant sea life worth exploring. We are Arctic Trip in Grímsey Island, local tour operator and your guide to Grímsey.
Halla Ingólfsdóttir - founder and manager of Arctic Trip

Day tour to Grímsey in North Iceland

Join our day tour via ferry from Dalvik (20 min drive from Akureyri) in North Iceland. See the puffins, cross the Arctic Circle and visit the village in Grímsey.
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Join us on the Arctic Circle

Where is Grimsey? Grimsey is the northernmost habitable place in Iceland, with around 80 all-year inhabitants? Did you know there's a 3 hole golf course on the Arctic Circle ?

Arctic Circle Grímsey North Iceland

Grímsey is an island 40km north of Iceland with around 80 all year inhabitants. Our tours are all guided by local guides who live or have lived in Grimsey for years. Grimsey is the only place in Iceland where the Arctic Circle crosses, which means the sun never sets at summer solstice and never rises over the horizon during winter solstice.

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