Arctic Circle Tours in Grímsey with Arctic Trip

Welcome to Grímsey Island, the northern most part of Iceland and the only place in Iceland that truly belongs to the Arctic area since the Arctic Circle crosses the Island. We will guide you on your exploration around the island, both on land and at sea. Our guides are all local people who have lived here both during nice summer days and endured harsh winter weathers.

You can book all our tours online! We look forward to seeing you in Grímsey! 🙂

Grimsey Summer Day Tour

Arctic Diving

Arctic Snorkeling

Grimsey Winter Day Tour

Puffin Selfie Day Tour

Arctic Circle Express via Circle Air

Boat tour - sightseeing

Gourmet Sea Angling in the North Atlantic Ocean

Sightseeing, Birding & Sea bird Egg collecting

Arctic Trip tours in Grímsey North Iceland

Grímsey is an island 40km north of Iceland with around 80 all year inhabitants. Our tours are all guided by local guides who live or have lived in Grímsey for years.
Grimsey Tours Arctic Circle Trip
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